Even the soldiers need a break sometimes…

It’s been a hell of a year hasn’t it kids?

I figured that before I attempted getting back on the horse of trying to write here regularly that I would post a short note to explain the break.

After Prince died it was hard to even listen to his music again, let alone write about it. Then Mrs Thrawn and I moved house. I lost my job. Mrs Thrawn had our baby (Thrawn Spawn). And I landed a new job. Needless to say there’s been lots going on in my life. Not to mention all the other craziness going on in the world this year.

Why start up again? Why now? Well I did quite enjoy writing these pieces and I still love Prince’s music (so no change there). Plus I did feel like I had found my voice and was getting into a pretty good rhythm with it all. And now my life has calmed down a little bit I wanted to try and put something out before the year ended. An arbitrary date, I know. But still, it felt like a target I could hit.

So, apologies if the quality of the first few posts isn’t up to scratch. It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything so I may be a little rusty.


4 thoughts on “Even the soldiers need a break sometimes…

  1. I just discovered your site. Have you considered posting something on prince.org to get the fans here to read and discuss? I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far and look forward to more in the future and past. Since Prince died, I have listened to no music, but his. I tried last fall to check out the new Green Day stuff, but didn’t get past the third track and went back to Prince. Today I thought, maybe it’s a guilt thing, because I put on The Rainbow Children, an album to which I didn’t really give much devotion when it came out in 2001. Maybe it was the terrorism that had me distracted and non-receptive. In any case, it was a direction I didn’t understand at the time. It marked the beginning of a few years of drifting away from Prince. I did continue to buy all the available material, however, didn’t really dive in until 3121. And the last 2+ years since Prince has become so accessible (I live a reasonable drive to Paisely Park) I’ve really done all I could to attend his parties and even the opening Piano & a Microphone performance. It felt like he was experiencing a revival and still had so much left to say, on the day he died. Well, as I said, I put on The Rainbow Children this morning, and to put it mildly, it has blown me away. I’m feeling sad that I have let all this time pass before I finally “got” this album, and happy that I have a lot of exploring to do of this deep and personal experience he shared with us. That’s how I found your site, by wanting to understand more what this album meant. So long story a little longer: thanks for your effort and keep on writing and creating. You know that’s what he’d want you to be doing!


    • Thanks for the nice words. I go in and out of Prince listening phases now. Sometimes I can’t stand to listen to it because it makes me too sad and then without notice he’ll be all I can listen to for weeks. I’m a big fan of Rainbow Children too. Musically speaking it’s one of his best albums ever I think. If the lyrics were more mainstream or less religious it would have done better in my opinion but then it wouldn’t have been the same album.

      I do actually post on prince.org but they make me post my updates in the org Artist Community section. When I tried to post in the regular Prince section they moved my thread. Which means not as many folks see. I enjoy writing these things whenever I find the time to do them so I’m thankful that anyone is reading them at all.

      Thanks again for the lovely comment!


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